The Cart

This high volume, PCI compliant cart allows your organizations to effectively sell products and services and have them shipped or picked up on site. Our mobile redemption process lets customers use their phone or tablet to access their purchases and lets you fulfill the purchase from your mobile device or POS system. Our clients have thousands of their vendors securely selling product using this cart.

Forward Facing

  • Engineered for high volumes in short time windows, live tested to 60,000 hits per hour.
  • Displays products by geographic regions or offer type. Fully customizable.
  • Is searchable by vendor, products or product categories.
  • Provides customer with options for mobile device e-redemption for purchased services, hard product shipping or soft product e-delivery.
  • Shows customers personal purchase, shipping and redemption history.
  • Has integrated ad spot feature on home page and offer pages to generate advertising income.
  • Is integrated with Google Analytics/Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Floodlight, and Appnexus.
  • Bilingual.
  • PCI Compliant.
  • Has optimized offer caching for faster load times.
  • Fully responsive design.
  • Has SEO friendly URLS.
  • Customers can shop multiple geographic regions on same order.
  • Map module shows vendor locations when viewing a product offer.
  • Is integrated to third-party newsletter application.
  • Allows customers to refer friends for discounts.
  • Allows customers to use coupon codes for discounts.
  • Provides a login module which includes a self-service username retrieval process as well as a self-service password reset.
  • Lets customers manage their profile.

Vendor Administration

  • Management area for vendors to track sales and redemption. 
    • Soft Product Management.
    • E-Product and Services Redemption Report.
    • Sales Summaries.
    • Mobile Device Redemption Management.


  • Administration area protected by 2FA with varying levels of access.
  • Site Administration modules for content management of forward facing content.
  • Ability to manage admin users, delete users or disable users (super admin level).
  • Manage regions with the ability to enter sub-regions.
  • Look up purchasing profiles with the ability to: 
    • Update/change customer security information,
    • Look up stored credit cards (masked CC numbers only)
  • Deactivate profiles without losing historical purchase information.
  • Content management to create/edit pages for the site (i.e. information/tutorials on using the site, general information, conditions).
  • Modules to create/edit vendors and products.
  • Ability to enter options for offers.
  • Additional modules to control the order offers appear in regions.
  • Ability for higher level permission levels to approve offers created by lower level permission levels.
  • Modules to create presets for offer descriptions and conditions.
  • Manage categories available to assign to offers.
  • Manage super categories for grouping products from different regions or assigning offers to destination groups.
  • Manage sales reps.
  • Accounting module for reconciliation against payment gateway and export to your accounting application.
  • Automatic resetting of offers.
  • Ability to set reset frequency of offer.
  • Automatic notifications to sales team of offers that are sold out or close to selling out.

Back End

  • High capacity, multi-homed, cloud backed up servers that are UPS and generator protected and in a secure environment.
  • PCI Compliant.
    PCI Compliant

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