Our Methodology

We believe that describing software processes and functionality in plain English is a bit of a lost skill. Let’s face it, if you understand how and why something works then there’s a much greater chance that the final deliverables will more closely match your expectations, with substantially less changes along the way. As a result our project management process is extremely stripped down allowing us to get to deployment quicker. Generally, unless you have a specific protocol, we work as follows:

  • First we provide an overview of the project describing what software does and how it works.
  • We then build a scope document that lists each task, sometimes in technical terms, with real English descriptions of what we are talking about.
  • Next we make sure you understand the scope document and what we are building for you.
  • Then, as we build your software, we ask you to take a look from time-to-time to make sure it’s exactly what you need.
  • If you decide you would like things slightly different, you communicate this to us. And, this doesn’t mean a complicated change order process. Generally, if you have ownership and send us an email, that’s sufficient.
  • Once we start testing your product, we get you involved, as your feedback is critical to a successful launch.
  • When complete, we run you through your software and ask you to verify that we did what we said we would.

Simply put, we tell you what we are going to build, make sure you understand and agree, then deliver the goods!

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